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Cardiff Council

Weight Limit Restrictions

​​​​​The majority of Cardiff's roads are available to all traffic. Sometimes we need to put weight restrictions in place to manage the movement of heavy vehicles. These restrictions can be for structural or environmental reasons.   

Structural weight restrictions 

The Caerphilly Road (A469) bridge has been repaired and heavy vehicles over 18 tonnes can use it again. If you are driving a heavy vehicle please use this route to avoid nearby residential areas.

Structural weight restrictions are used where roads or bridges are not able to carry the weight of heavy vehicles.  
The restrictions apply to all vehicles.  
We have structural weight limits at the following locations in Cardiff: 

  • Highfield Road over-rail bridge, Heath (3 tonnes)   
  • Leckwith Road bridge over the river Ely, Leckwith (7.5 tonnes) 
  • Station Road over-rail bridge, Llandaff (7.5 tonnes) 
  • ​Croft-y-Gennau Road over​-culvert bridge, St Fagans (18 tonnes) 
  • Heath Halt Road over-rail bridge, Heath (18 tonnes) 
  • Station Road over-culvert bridge, Creigiau (18 tonnes)   
  • Tyn Y Coed Road, Pentyrch (18 tonnes) ​
  •  College Road over-rail bridge, Plasnewydd (26 tonnes) 
Structural weight restrictions do not have an exemption for access. 

Environmental weight restrictions 

Environmental weight restrictions are used on roads where there are no structural concerns but are still unsuitable for use by Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGVs).  
They stop HGVs from using minor roads as inappropriate short-cuts between main routes. 
We may introduce this restriction to: 

  • prevent damage to the highway infrastructure and buildings 
  • protect the character and environment of rural areas, villages, and residential estates 
  • manage congestion on our roads 
  • reduce risks to vulnerable road users, including pedestrians and cyclists 
There will normally be an exemption for:  

  • access  
  • loading and unloading, or  
  • permit holders 
Environmental restrictions can be applied to an individual route or a zone.   

Weight limit permits

At some locations you will need a permit to drive an HGV in a weight limit zone.  

All permits are free and digital. You do not need to display anything in your vehicle.

Where you will need a permit

  • Heol Isaf/Ty Nant Road, Radyr (7.5 tonnes) 

You only need to apply for a permit if your vehicle exceeds the weight limit.  

The permits are issued on an annual or temporary basis.  

We will not issue permits for deliveries to the Plasdwr development.


Annual permits (delivery permits)  

You can apply for these permits if you regularly need to deliver to a property in a weight limit zone.  

You will need to create a MiPermit account and upload: 

  • proof that you need regular access, such as a copy of a delivery contract or schedule  
  • a covering letter on headed paper, signed by a manager or company director, detailing what location you need access to and why.  

Please allow 7 working days for applications to be considered.  

If your application is successful, you can then register your vehicles for permits.  

Temporary permits  

These permits last for up to 5 days.  
You will need to upload proof that you need access, such as a copy of a delivery invoice or schedule.  
You can get your permit before you travel and must get your permit by midnight on the same day of driving into the weight limit zone. 


We use CCTV cameras to issue Penalty Charge Notices​ (PCNs) to drivers ignoring environmental weight limits.  
The fine is £70, reduced to £35 if you pay within 21 days. The fine increases if ignored. 
You have the right to appeal if you disagree with a fine.  
Structural weight limits are enforced by the police.  

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