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Police and Crime Commissioner report

​​The information on this page was produced by the South Wales Police and Crime Commissioner.

Achieving More Together Towards a Safer South Wales

South Wales is one of the safest areas to live and work in the UK but the intense pressure on policing and other services makes it necessary to give very careful consideration to the level of council tax needed to support our communities and address emerging crime threats.

The Commissioner’s Police and Crime Plan 2023-27, which is currently being refreshed, is about protecting our people, particularly the vulnerable, and working ever more closely with local communities. The plan was produced in close co-operation with the Chief Constable and sets out the vision for policing in South Wales. It continues to provide a clear emphasis on early intervention and prompt, positive action. The Plan sets out how South Wales Police will respond to growing threats such as violence against women, domestic abuse and sexual violence, internet enabled crime, child sexual exploitation and the exploitation of those who are most vulnerable.

The 20,000 new Police Officers that the Government is committed to  is welcome but this won’t fully make up the numbers lost over the past ten years.

Apart from funds for the new officers, the Police Grant for 2023/24 was another flat cash settlement with no allowance for inflation or other cost pressures, which will leave a funding gap of £20.8m in South Wales Police’s case in 2023/24. The capital grant has now been ceased completely. We used to receive £3m a year as a capital grant, yet the successive reduction of this grant means that all capital expenditure has to be financed entirely by internal revenue funds. We are also disadvantaged to the tune of £2m annually with respect to the Apprenticeship Levy and associated training costs, compared to Forces in England. Given the flat cash grant settlement, the precept has to cover this gap, on top of the £62m cumulative savings successfully delivered since 2010.

The result is an increase in the Police Precept – but households in South Wales will continue to pay among the lowest costs for policing in Wales with an increase of £22.36 a year (£1.86 a month) for Band D properties. Most people will pay much less. The Police and Crime Commissioner for South Wales has set the council tax at £324.47 for a Band D property, contributing £163.8m towards the £359m budget for a 24-hour, seven-days-a-week police service.

Despite the financial challenges, we have consistently improved performance as we work towards being the best at listening to and understanding the needs of all our communities in South Wales. Our performance has been externally recognized by HM Inspectorate of Constabulary:
South Wales has the best visibility across 43 constabularies, whilst it is ranked 1st in the country for positive outcome rates for violence with injury and 1st for taking action on sexual offences.​

Full details of the Plan and Performance can be found on the commissioner's website.

What you will pay per year

  • Band A: £216.31
  • Band B: £252.37
  • Band C: £288.42
  • Band D: £324.47
  • Band E: £396.57
  • Band F: £468.68
  • Band G: £540.78
  • Band H: £648.94
  • Band I: £757.10​​


The Capital Programme budget for 2022-23 is £28m. This will be mainly funded through revenue contribution, capital reserves and internal borrowing.
 Revenue Budget2022-23
 Total Gross Expenditure 409,923
 Income -14,863 -17,327
 Other Grants -48,692
 Use of Reserves 0 0
 Budget Requirement  346,368  358,699
 Police Grant (Home Office) -131,918
 Revenue Support Grant (Welsh Government) -61,871 -62,575
 Non-Domestic Rates (Welsh Government) -480
 Council Tax Precept  -152,099  -163,754
 Council Tax Band D property  £302.11  £324.47
 Total Standing Spending Assessment by Government for the Local Policing Body  249,744  252,804

Contact the Commissioner

The Commissioner is responsible for representing the community, and working with the Chief Constable to deliver an effective police service in South Wales.

You can contact the Commissioner in a number of ways:

Ty Morgannwg, Police Headquarters, Bridgend, CF31 3SU

Contact South Wales Police

In an emergency, always call 999. If it is not an emergency, please dial 101.

Those with hearing or speech impairment can contact us via our minicom system on 01656 656 980.

Any questions?

If you have any financial questions about the information, please contact 01656 869 ​299.
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