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Anti-social behaviour

​Anti-social behaviour (ASB) disrupts a neighbourhood and upsets or alarms people who live in that area. ​

This could be:

  • ​Loud noises
  • Someone who behaves in a threatening, abusive or violent way towards their neighbours or community
  • Someone who allows their property to be used for criminal activity such as the sale of drugs

If your neighbour does something which you find annoying or which only happens occasionally, that doesn’t mean that it is anti-social behaviour.

You should consider whether their behaviour is actually unreasonable and try to resolve any issues with your neighbour before contacting us or the police.

If you would like any further information or advice please contact us.​

Anti-social behaviour cases are often complex and can take a long time to resolve. 

When council tenants report anti-social behaviour involving another council tenant, we will: 

  • Assign a referral to an Anti-social Behaviour Officer 

  • Keep in contact with complainants throughout the lifetime of a case

  • Work in partnership with organisations and agencies such as South Wales Police

  • Offer complainants appropriate support – this can include Victim Support

  • Attempt to resolve complaints about ASB in a restorative manner 

  • Survey a sample of tenants about how their cases were managed

  • For emergency referrals, we will make contact within 1 working day

We can only deal with reports of anti-social behaviour from Council tenants, or those who have been affected by the behaviour of Council tenants. 

For reports of other types o​​f behaviour we will aim to contact you within 7 working days.

An Anti-Social Behaviour officer will provide updates and undertake the relevant actions to ensure cases progress.​​

You can report loud noises to Shared Regulatory Services (SRS).
You can report Anti-social Behaviour to the Anti-social Behaviour Team by:

If you feel in immediate danger or believe a crime is taking place call 999 and report it to the police.
Anonymous referrals are difficult to resolve and we need to make sure that referrals are not malicious or unfounded.

We will need your contact details to investigate the complaint and to keep you updated of progress made.


  • Ensuring swift action is taken to deal with any hate crimes, unlawful discrimination and harassment
  • Continued partnership working with South Wales Police and other agencies​
  • Regeneration of trouble spots across the city
  • Free community mediation service to help resolve neighbour disputes
  • Provide protection measures and support to complainants, victims or witnesses

We recognise that some people who cause ASB may be experiencing their own problems themselves.

We are committed to working with people to help them address their behaviour and access the right support to do this.

We are committed to help people to stay in their homes and sustain their tenancies.

In serious and persistent cases we may seek legal action, but this is always a last resort. When we decide to do this we will work with the people affected and provide support and guidance.

The Community Review allows victims of persistent anti-social behaviour, who have previously reported incidents to one or more agencies, to request a review of their case where they feel the actions taken have not been adequate. 

The agencies for Cardiff are the Council, South Wales Police, Cardiff and Vale Health Board, and local Registered Social Landlords. The Community Review can be activated if the victim has reported three incidents related to the same issue to the agencies listed in the last 6 months.​

Visit the Anti-social Behaviour Case Review website.​​​​​​​​​​​​External link opens in a new window

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