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Over the past few months we have been working hard to prepare for some changes to our website. We believe that these changes will help you when you visit our site for information or to access services.

This website, gets an average of 177,000 visits every month. A lot of people, looking for a lot of different things. 

This is how we have worked towards improving the website for you.   

In 2016 we asked you some questions about the Council website during the Ask Cardiff survey and this is what we found out:

  • Almost 90% of those of you who completed the survey said you visited the website more than once or twice in 6 months*
  • 74% of you were looking for information and 21% wanted to report something or request a service
  • Over 80% of you said the site was ‘very’ or ‘fairly’ good for quality of information and ease of use.
  • Just over 75% of you said the site was ‘very’ or ‘fairly’ good for requesting a service or reporting something to us. 

We were happy with this feedback but could see there was room for improvement.

As well as the Ask Cardiff feedback, we could also see from our website analytics that 57% of you looked at the website on a tablet or smart phone.

*During the 6 months before the survey.

With this knowledge in mind, we have been trying out some new ideas to:

  • Help make information easier to access,
  • Improve our reporting and requesting functionality,
  • Improve your experience of the website whether you are on a mobile, tablet or desktop computer.
In September and October 2017 we went out to the city Hubs to carry out some user testing on our proposed changes to the website. Many of you were good enough to spare some time to try out our changes and provided us with some valuable feedback and suggestions. We collated all your feedback and took it on board making alterations and retesting as we went along.

If you would like to find out more about user testing or if you have some feedback for us on the website please complete the feedback form.

What’s new?

Improved responsive design – better for mobiles, better for tablets and better for desktop computers.

Improved responsive design

A more intuitive Site Search – using data from previous searches to help you get to the pages that best match what you are looking for.


Making it easier to Report and Request – we have looked at the most popular items that are reported or requested (online and by phone) and have made them easier to access from our website.


Better links with Social media – we have introduced our Twitter feed to the homepage. You can see the latest updates from us even if you do not follow us on Twitter. We have also enabled content sharing on our site – if you see something on our website you think could be helpful or useful then go ahead and share it.


Style and content improvements – as well as the more obvious changes we have been working on making our content easier to read and our pages easier to get around.  We are aiming to be consistent with our language and style so that the site is as user friendly to as many people as possible. 

Feedback about this website

The aim of Cardiff Council's website is to give you easier access to the information you need and complete tasks online.

If you would like to find out more about user testing or if you have some feedback for us on the website please complete the feedback form.