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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Before you start the application process make s​​ure you have read our t​ips on applying for a school place​​.​

The tips on applying for a school place are also available in a number of community languages:

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Cardiff School Admissions​ Video

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​​​​​​​There are lots of great schools in Cardiff, but places go quickly. 

We have provided some simple tips to help you apply for a school place:

The information in this document includes images and has been designed for print. 

You can view a summary of the information on this page.​​​

7 tips to help you apply for a school place​

Look at schools in your area. Go to their website, look at their prospectus and read the Estyn report.

Enquire about a visit

Just because you have heard about a school, does not mean you know it. Look at school websites, read reports and ask if you can visit.

You a​re not guaranteed a place at your nearest school but looking at it is a good place to start.
We always check that people live at the address they give us as some schools are very popular.
We hope you get your first preference school but often that is not possible. Each school has a maximum number they can take. Think about each choice carefully. 

Note: School places fill up quickly, so put down all your choices to make sure we can give you your highest preference possible.  

Listing all your choices from the beginning is really important.
We want your child to get the best place possible. You can help by sending in any evidence when you apply. 

Tell us if your child: 

  • ​has siblings at the school 
  • has any additional learning needs  
  • has any medical or social needs that means they need to go to one school and not another

Let us know if anything changes.
There is a closing date. We check applications that come in on time first.

If you miss the closing date, you miss the first round. Then you have to download a form and send it in. That takes longer and you may miss out on a place in a school you want. ​

Do not be late​

60% of the schools in Cardiff fill up in the first round. ​
You can apply for a school place online.

We handle nursery, primary and secondary school admissions through our online admissions system. ​​

Try to use the same email address each time you contact us.

Some faith schools manage their own school places. Check their website to see if you need to apply straight to them. 

Get help 

If you do not have a computer or need help, you can make an appointment to visit a hub​ or phone us on 029 2087 2087.​​
When you get an offer at a school in Cardiff, you need to tell us if you want the place as soon as possible. You may not get your first preference, but you will remain on that waiting list.

Please tell us if you do not want the place so we can give it to someone else. 
A group (panel) of independent, unpaid volunteers will listen to your appeal. The panel’s decision is final​.    

Help with the school applications system

If you would like help to complete your application form you can visit one of our advice hubs.

​​​The information in these documents has been designed for print. This format may not be fully accessible online.​
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