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​​If you have moved to separate recycling collections, we will no longer collect green bags. Find out more about separate recycling collections​.

​​​​​​​​​​You could receive a pink sticker for:

  • putting incorrect items in your bin or sack, or
  • if your bin or sack is too heavy for our crews to safely move, and empty.

Photo of pink sticker for recycling scheme 

Pink S​ticker scheme 

Our pink sticker scheme will provide extra help letting you know when you have put an incorrect item in your recycling. We hope this will improve the quality of Cardiff’s recycling and help us in our ambition to achieve a 70% recycling rate by 2025. ​
Our collection crews will check the contents of bags and bins for incorrect items outside individual properties. Crews will make a note of any issues and put a pink sticker on your recycling or garden waste. ​


Garden waste 

Around 6% of the garden waste we collect, contains incorrect items. This costs £140,000 a year to clean up, to make sure we can turn it into compost.
The main contaminants found within green bins and white re-useable sacks are:

  • Asbestos - This is classed as a hazardous waste and should be disposed of responsibly. 
    How to dispose of Asbestos​.​​
  • Garden items e.g. watering cans, hosepipes
  • Green recycling bags
  • General waste
  • Rubble
  • Soil
  • Wood
Please do not put these items in your bin or sack.

Recycling bags​

Around 20% of items put into recycling bags contain material that cannot be recycled. The main contaminants found within green bags are: 
Please do not put these items in your recycling bag.​

If you see a pink sticker on your bags or bin you will need to remove the incorrect items before you place your bins out on your next collection date. 

If you have a sticker on your green bin/re-useable sack, but have not put any incorrect items in it, it may have been too heavy. Please remove some of the waste, to lighten the load.

You may receive letters to your property, which will give you some extra help and advice on recycling.

For properties that put their recycling bags in a communal area, our crew will sticker the bags and make a note that they have identified incorrect items at a shared collection point. 

Please read our collection information​ to learn more about which items you can and cannot recycle. If you continue to put incorrect items in your recycling, you will be issued with a formal notice. 

If you have had three pink stickers within a 12 week period you will receive a formal notice. 

If you have any specific circumstances you would like us to consider please contact us for support and guidance.

If you receive a sticker or a letter, but you believe that your bin/bag is not contaminated please contact us and we will look into the matter for you. ​
There are a number of ways you can find out about what items to put in your recycling bags and bins: 

Contact us online

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