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Before you visit a recycling centre

Recycling centres are for the recycling and disposal of household rubbish only and are free for Cardiff residents to use.

  • Weekends and bank holidays can get busy. Be prepared to queue.
  • You need to separate all material before your visit. Watch a video to see the layout of Lamby Way and Bessemer Close​ recycling sites.
  • Our recycling attendants on site may ask you what is inside closed waste bags, and ask you to separate waste if a recycling skip is available.
  • Certain vehicles may need to be booked in​ before visiting.
  • Follow all safety instructions while at centres, and follow any instructions given by our site attendants.
  • Please be patient while we change skips. Sometimes there is a short delay.
  • Ensure you are wearing sensible footwear - no sandals, flip flops or high heeled shoes.
  • Once you have left items at a recycling centre they become the property of the council and may not be removed or sold from the site.
  • Waste from businesses or commercial work is not accepted at household recycling centres, even if the work was carried out at your home. You can pay to take this waste to the commercial recycling centre at Bessemer Close.
  • Waste suspected to be from a commercial operation may be subject to enforcement investigation and action.

Sorting your waste at a Recycling Centre

As of 28th January 2019 Waste Education Officers will be checking bagged waste brought to general waste skips at recycling centres to ensure that all recyclable material is removed before the skip is used. 

Only after residents have removed items that can be recycled and made sure that this material is sorted into the correct recycling skips on site, can the remaining bagged waste be thrown into the general waste skip.

Waste Education Officers will be on hand to assist with all of your recycling queries.

Residents who refuse to show Waste ​Education Officers the contents of their bags will be asked to take them home to separate the items.

Both Household Waste Recycling Centres in Cardiff will continue to allow general waste to be disposed of on site and there is no limit on the amount put into the appropriate skip.

Identification and proof of address

You will need to bring ID containing your proof of address to use the centre.

  • The ID must have a Cardiff address. These can either be paper copies, or electronic copies on your smart phone or tablet.
  • If you are not able to provide valid ID at the recycling centre you will not be able to dispose of your recycling and waste for free. However, you can pay to dispose of it at Bessemer Close commercial recycling centre.​
If you do not live in Cardiff then you will need to use your council's local recycling facilities.
Alternatively, you can pay to dispose of waste at Bessemer Close commercial recycling centre​.
We recommend your photo card driving licence as the most convenient form of I.D. 

Although we accept the following:
  • Tenancy Agreement (no more than 12 months old)
  • Paper copy driving licence
  • Council Tax Bill
  • Bank Statement
  • Utility Bill - no more than 3 months old
  • Credit card, mobile phone, internet, TV bills e.g. Sky
  • Mortgage statement
  • Parking Permit that shows car registration

If you are a landlord of a property in Cardiff, you are able to use the recycling centres whilst tenants are at your address (to dispose of recycling from this address). You must bring a valid tenancy agreement as proof of identification.

Once the tenancy agreement has ended, any waste remaining at the property is classed as commercial waste and must be taken to the commercial recycling centre.​
If you need to dispose of items belonging to a resident who has passed away and you are not a Cardiff resident yourself, you will need to bring proof of residencey from the address.

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