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Cardiff Council

Wordsworth Avenue

We are proposing a highways improvement scheme and would like to hear from you.

Scheme Ref: WA001
Type of scheme: Parking / School Street / Traffic
Ward: Plasnewydd 

This consultation closes on 18 July 2022

Roads Affected​
  • Cowper Place
  • Oxford Lane (between Wordsworth Avenue and Oxford Street)
  • Southey Street
  • Wordsworth Avenue 
  • Any roads only accessible from the above 

Scheme overview​

Concerns have been raised about:
  • Inconsiderate parking by non-residents 
  • Drivers ignoring the current “Access Only” restriction on Wordsworth Avenue 
  • Drivers using Wordsworth Avenue to perform U-turns to bypass the “no U-turn” restriction on Newport Road
  • Problems with vehicles outside of the existing School Street on Southey Street , and;
  • Safety of vehicle movements at the Newport Road / Wordsworth Avenue junction.

To help free up more parking space for residents, improve driver behaviour and make the area around the school safer during drop-off and pick-up times, we are proposing to:

Increase Resident Parking ​

Resident permit parking will increase so that all kerb-side space will be permit parking bays (except where yellow lines are present). 

Some new yellow lines may also be introduced where necessary to prevent obstructive parking. 

No changes will be made to any parking charges or disabled parking bays 

Increase the size of the School Street ​​​

The School Street on Southey Street will be expanded to the junction of Wordsworth Avenue / Newport Road. 

Ban the right turn from Newport Road (except permit holders)​​

To make the junction of Newport Road/Wordsworth Avenue safer we will stop vehicles turning right at this junction.

Resident parking permit and School Street permit holders will be allowed to turn right without receiving a fine. 

Have your say​

This consultation is now closed. 
Following the feedback we received the decision has been taken to proceed with the scheme.

However, we proposed to ban the right turn from Newport Road into Wordsworth Avenue, except permit holders. We will not be making this change at this time. 

We are currently reviewing this junction further and working on a revised proposal, with any proposed changes being consulted on and made as part of a programme for wider active travel initiatives in the area. 

We also proposed that all parking would only be for resident with permits. Following feedback a small number of bays will be payment parking bays, so that visitors can park for up to 4 hours without the need for a permit. 

We will now start the Traffic Regulation Order (TRO)​ process. As part of this you will be able to view detailed parking designs and formally object to the scheme should you wish to do so. 

The making of a TRO is a lengthy process and can take between 6 to 9 months to complete.


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