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Cardiff Council

Business on streets permits

​​​​We issue permits to eligible businesses to allow parking at certain on-street locations that are part of the on-street business permit scheme.   

All on-street business permits are virtual “e-permits” and applied for online using our MiPermit Cardiff service. 

As permits are virtual you will not need to display anything in your vehicle. 

Permit types ​​

There are two types of business permits; Vehicle Specific Permits and Non-Vehicle Specific Permits. 

Vehicle Specific Permits: You will need to nominate a vehicle that the permit will apply to and the permit will only apply to that vehicle throughout the duration of the permit. 

Non-Vehicle Specific Permits: The vehicle that this permit applies to may be changed when required through your MiPermit Cardiff account.  

Permits are only valid when being used for the operational running of your business. They will not be issued to businesses with off-street parking. 

To prevent oversubscription there is a limit on the number of permits a business may apply for of either one or two per eligible business. 

Applying for your permit​​

All business permits are virtual “e-permits” and will need to be applied for online using our MiPermit Cardiff service. 

You will need your business rates reference and your debit or credit card information to hand.  

Please ensure you read the terms and conditions carefully as you may receive a Penalty Charge Notice if you fail to adhere to them. 

Permits last for up to 6 month, 9 month or 12 months. 

Permit costs ​​

These permits are currently being offered free of charge.