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Play ideas and activities

​​​​​​​​We have put together some play ideas and activities for children, young people and families.  There are lots of different ideas including themed play, arts and crafts videos, activity sheets, word games, puzzles, outdoor and indoor games.

The library of ideas will grow as we add more fun things to do.

Playday 2020 Everyday Freedoms, Everyday Adventures!


Every year we run a free National Playday event in one of the city’s green spaces.

Playday is an annual celebration raising awareness of children’s right to play and the importance of play in the lives of all children.  Play has huge benefits for children and young people, supporting their well-being and enabling them to explore and develop their understanding of the world around them.

Take some time to fill out a 2020 Time Capsule for your future self to look at in years to come.

2020 Time Capsule Activity Sheet (2.18mb PDF)​​​​​​​​​​​​​Link opens in a new window

We have put together some activities to help support your wellbeing. 

Choose from fun yoga poses, indoor and outdoor games, craft and stretching exercises.


Yoga poses

Try some of these fun yoga poses!

Mountain pose

  • ​Stand with your feet at hip width distance apart.
  • Stand up straight and lift your arms up to the sky. 
  • Breathe in and out as you relax in the pose. 

Giraffe pose

  • ​Start with your right leg bent slightly to the side.
  • Rest your right arm on your bent leg.
  • Lift your other arm in the air in a ballerina style pose.
  • Breathe in and out slowly while you hold this pose. 

Child pose

  • ​On your hands and knees press your hips back towards your heels.
  • Stretch your arms forward into the ground. 
  • Breathe in and out and relax.

Tree pose

  • ​Stand up straight and tall in mountain pose.
  • Look straight ahead and find a point to focus on.
  • Slowly bring up your left foot.
  • Bend your knee and place your foot on the inside of your right leg. 
  • Bring your hands together in front of your heart, then lift them up high to the sky like a tree!

We have lots more poses for you to try using our yoga poses Activity Sheet (274kb PDF)​​​​​​​​​​​​​Link opens in a new window

There are also wellness games and craft activities on our spiritual and wellbeing Activity Sheet (286kb PDF)​​​​​​​​​​​​​Link opens in a new window

Get out and about in the great outdoors with our selection of games, activities and crafts. 


Make your own birdfeeder 

You will need:

  • toilet roll 

  • string or yarn

  • peanut butter or honey

  • seeds or quinoa 

Step 1:
Feed your string throughout toilet roll and tie securely​.

Step 2:
Spread peanut butter or honey over the outside of the toilet roll.

Step 3:
Sprinkle seeds or quinoa over the toilet roll.

Step 4:
Hang up on a tree branch or washing line.

Make your own birdfeeder Activity Sheet (278kb PDF)​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Link opens in a new window


The great outdoors Activity Sheets​

Go on an outdoor adventure and see if you can find all the items on our scavenger hunt list!
Scavenger Hunt Activity Sheet (376kb PDF)​​​​​​​​​​​​​Link opens in a new window

Easy cloud foam

Make yourself some cloud foam by following these instructions. 

You will need:
  • a bowl
  • cornflower 
  • hair conditioner
  • food colouring 

Step 1:
Squeeze some conditioner into the bowl.

Step 2:
​Add in some cornflower and mix together.

Step 3:
Knead until foamy then choose a colour to mix in!

You can use our easy cloud foam Activity Sheet (415kb PDF)​​​​​​​​​​​​Link opens in a new window to help you. 

Space Activity Sheets

Christmas Crafts

Children’s play services have created some activity worksheets for children and young people to enjoy over the festive period.

We have put together some fun arts and crafts activities for you to try at home: