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Disabled persons' reduction

​​​​​​​​​In this context Disabled Person refers to a person who is substantially and permanently disabled. They can be an adult or a child and do not have to be responsible for paying the Council Tax bill. 

You may qualify for a Disabled Person's reduction if your property has at least one of the following:

  • an additional bathroom or kitchen to meet the needs of the disabled person,
  • a room (other than bathroom, kitchen or toilet) to meet the needs of, and used mainly by, the disabled person
  • extra space inside the property to allow for the use of a wheelchair.

The room or wheelchair must be essential, or of major importance to the disabled person's well-being. Wheelchairs for outdoor use only are excluded.

An extra room does not need to have been specially built, but your home will not qualify for a reduction unless the room is essential or of major importance to the disabled person.

If you are awarded the reduction, your Council Tax will be reduced to the equivalent of the valuation band below the one you are in, for example if you live in a band D property, you will only be charged the Council Tax for a band C property. If you live in a band A property, your Council Tax will be reduced by a set percentage.

Severely Mentally Impaired​

Anyone who is medically certified as having a severe impairment of their intellectual or social functioning, that appears to be permanent, may be eligible to a Council Tax discount. 

This means that the person will have a permanent condition that severely affects their intellectual and social functioning. 

Conditions that can lead to severe mental impairment (SMI) include:

  • Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia, 
  • Parkinson’s disease, 
  • severe learning difficulties, or
  • a stroke.

Many other conditions may apply. 

To be eligible, the person must be diagnosed as SMI by a doctor and must also be entitled to one of the benefits listed on this form (whether receiving them or not). 

  • If you have been diagnosed as SMI by a doctor and you are living alone or only with others who are SMI, you will be exempt from paying Council Tax.
  • If you have been diagnosed as SMI by a doctor and you live with one adult who is eligible to pay council tax, your household will receive a 25% reduction. 
  • If you have been diagnosed as SMI by a doctor and you live with 2 or more adults who are eligible to pay council tax there will be no reduction.​

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