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Cardiff Council

Tackling Poverty, Equality and Public Health commitments

​​​Councillor Sangani and Councillor Bradbury

Tackling long-term poverty and inequality is at the heart of all our policy commitments. The priority over the next 5 years will be to help our residents with the cost-of-living crisis and close the inequality gap that, in many cases, has been made worse by the recent pandemic. As we did throughout the Covid pandemic, we will make sure that the long-term prospects of children and young people are front and centre of our thinking and decision making.

We will therefore make sure that we have a great youth service offer available across the city, meeting the needs of children across our different communities. We will provide opportunities for them to access modern play facilities, gain experiences and be supported into training and employment when they leave school. This will mean that the jobs and opportunities that become available through our ambitious programme of house building and city regeneration deliver for young people and local communities.

Building on the excellent public service collaboration over the past two years that helped Cardiff respond to the public health crisis, we will continue to work collaboratively to address the wider harms caused by the pandemic and the pre-existing issues which impact on the health and wellbeing of our population.

We will also continue to celebrate the diversity of its communities. Our city’s many languages, cultures, faiths – and cuisines! – are a source of great strength and what makes Cardiff such a welcoming and generous place to live. And we will continue, as we always have, to welcome people to make their homes and build new lives in our city, most urgently supporting those fleeing the conflict in Ukraine.

We will:

  • Introduce a new Community Participation Strategy, amplifying the voices of people who are currently less likely to get involved in the decision-making process.
  • As a City of Sanctuary, welcome refugees and asylum seekers to Cardiff and Wales, supporting them to participate in and contribute to the economic, social and cultural life of the capital city, including continuing to lead the city’s response to the Ukraine and Afghanistan crises.
  • Work with Public Health Wales and other partners to carry out targeted activity to reduce health inequalities across the city, focused on:

    - Increasing uptake of childhood immunisation.
    - Increasing uptake of bowel cancer screening.
    - Tackling childhood obesity.

  • Respond to and implement in full the recommendations of the Race Equality Taskforce.
  • Develop a city-wide ‘Equality and Diversity’ network for employers to encourage good practice and collaboration, particularly to support action in the workplace.
  • Build on our Stonewall Gold Status award as part of our commitment to LGBTQ+ inclusivity, aiming to become a Stonewall top 100 employer and the highest ranked local authority in Wales in the Stonewall Index.
  • Adopt the principles of the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women and become a CEDAW City.
  • Promote healthy, low-carbon food, with an increased focus on working with partners to tackle food poverty.
  • Work with partners to support Cardiff’s bid to become the first Gold Sustainable Food Place in Wales.
  • Develop plans to ensure that school meals are healthy and rely on more sustainable and lower-carbon supply chains.
  • Deliver a Youth Zone in Ely and explore other innovative partnerships to support youth services in the city. 
  • Respond to the recommendations of the independent review of Youth Services, ensuring that access to the service is available equitably across the city based on need, and is responsive to the different needs of different communities and groups of young people.
  • Better integrate play services into our wider offer for young people.
  • Respond to the cost-of-living crisis, making sure people are aware of and are claiming the maximum amount of benefits that they are entitled to.
  • Invest in our Into Work Services and bring together wider employment support services under a single service that can help people into employment or training.
  • Use the success of the Cardiff Cares Academy and Cardiff Works Ready schemes as a blueprint to meet any new or emerging workforce demands in the city.
  • Work alongside major regeneration projects, including the new Indoor Arena, to support local people into the new jobs the projects create.
  • Roll out the new Adult Learning service that can help people get the skills they need to succeed.
  • Support the high demand of job vacancies in the construction industry by further developing the Onsite Construction Academy and creating a Taskforce Group, with representation from contractors, recruitment agencies, trade associations and housing associations, to consider the future of work and skills in the sector.
  • Continue to support new apprenticeships and trainee opportunities within the Council, with a goal of over 500 apprenticeships by 2025.


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