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​​​​​​​​​​​​​Councillor Huw Thomas

Council Leader - Councillor Huw Thomas' Commitments for Cardiff 

The Leader's list of 'We will' commitmen​ts for Cardiff include:

  • Build on the role that Cardiff can play in delivering for the Welsh and UK economies by working with other Welsh cities and UK Core Cities.

  • Work at the Wales level with organisations such as the Welsh Local Government Association to help shape how public services are funded and delivered.

  • Move beyond City Deal, creating a framework for city regionalism where strategic decisions can be taken about housing, transport and investment for the long-term benefit of the whole of the Capital Region, and ultimately, Wales.

Teams delivering services to support the Leader's commitments include:

Bilingual Cardiff team 

Bilingual Cardiff

“Working with you to ensure services and assistance in both languages to realise the vision of a truly bilingual capital city”

Democratic Services team 

Democratic Services

“We’re the first point of contact for Councillors, staff and members of the public who require information on Governance and Democracy of the Council”

Councillor Sarah Merry

Deputy Leader, Councillor Sarah Merry's Commitments for Cardiff

Cllr Sarah Merry's list of 'We will' commitments for Cardiff include:

  • Make sure every child in Cardiff goes to a good or excellent school.
  • Close the attainment gap in schools so that no child is left behind.
  • Invest in improving and expanding our schools to meet the needs of a rapidly-growing population and take clear steps to address the historic maintenance backlog in school buildings.


Teams delivering services to support Cllr Merry's commitments include:

School catering team 

School Catering

“Watching the children enjoy the food we make for them is brilliant!”

School staff  


“Working to make sure every child has the best start in life”

Councillor Chris Weaver

Councillor Christopher Weaver's Commitments for Cardiff 

Cllr Weaver's list of 'We will' commitments for Cardiff include:

  • ​​Get people and communities more involved in the decisions we take.
  • Develop a new three-year organisational development programme for the Council.​

Teams delivering services to support Cllr Weaver's commitments include:

Cardiff Works team 

Cardiff Works

“Working to raise awareness of the job opportunities available for citizens within the Council”

Payroll team 


“We make sure all staff get paid on time and support them with their pay and pension queries!”

Councillor Lynda Thorne

Councillor Lynda Thorne's Commitments for Cardiff 

Cllr Thorne's list of 'We will' commitments for Cardiff include:

  • Work with developers to deliver more than 6,500 affordable homes by 2026 - including 1,000 new Council homes through the Cardiff Living Scheme.
  • Address rough sleeping in the city through delivering, with partners, the Rough Sleeper Strategy, including adopting a ‘No First Night Out’ policy, piloting new approaches, including a ‘Housing First’ model which moves rough sleepers straight from the streets into a home.

Teams delivering services to support Cllr Thorne's commitments include:

Meals on Wheels team 

Meals on Wheels

“Working to deliver an essential service to hundreds of people every day”

Councillor Michael Michael

Councillor Michael Michael's Commitments for Cardiff 

Cllr Michael's list of 'We will' commitments for Cardiff include:
  • A zero tolerance towards street littering and fly-tippers, increasing enforcement activities and fnes for those who throw litter and fly-tip.​
  • Making Cardiff one of the most successful recycling cities in the world - boosting recycling rates by placing a focus on education in schools, communities, behaviour change and through a review of waste services.

Teams delivering services to support Cllr Michael's commitments include:

Waste Enforcement team 

Waste Enforcement

“We work with communities to educate and raise awareness of the part they can play to reach our recycling targets”

Waste Collections team 

Waste Collections

“Working to deliver a difficult job to the best of our ability for the people of Cardiff”

Councillor Graham Hinchey

Councillor Graham Hinchey's Commitments for Cardiff 

Cllr Hinchey's list of 'We will' commitments for Cardiff include:

  • Further develop effective early help for families so fewer children need to be looked after by the Council.
  • Enhance the support for young people when they leave local authority care​.

Teams delivering services to support Cllr Hinchey's commitments include:

Children's services social worker 

Social Worker

“The health and wellbeing of children and young people are at the heart of everything we do”

Children's services social worker staff 

Social Workers

“Working to improve outcomes for vulnerable children and young people”

Councillor Susan Elsmore

Councillor Susan Elsmore's Commitments for Cardiff 

Cllr Elsmore's list of 'We will' commitments for Cardiff include:

  • Provide the highest quality of social care possible, in practice and delivery.
  • Deliver state-of-the-art centres to provide specialist dementia services and day opportunities for older people.

Teams delivering services to support Cllr Elsmore's commitments include:

Adult Care Services Home Carer 

Home Carer

“Supporting people in the community to regain independence gives me a lot of job satisfaction”

Adult services social worker staff 

Social Workers

“Working with our nursing colleagues to support vulnerable people over 65 with their mental health recovery”

Councillor Caro Wild

Councillor Caro Wild's Commitments for Cardiff 

Cllr Wild's list of 'We will' commitments for Cardiff include:

  • Place active travel at the heart of planning, transport and highway policy, focusing on walking and starting the delivery of a cycling strategy.
  • Improve our bus offer to the residents of Cardiff, with faster journeys, modernised buses and more cross-city options.

Teams delivering services to support Cllr Wild's commitments include:

Transport Policy and Development Service Leader 

Transport Policy and Development Leader

“Walking and cycling belongs at the heart of our planning, transport and highway policies”

Parking Enforcement Officers 

Civil Parking Enforcement Officers

“Working to keep pedestrians, cyclists
and drivers safe across our communities”

Councillor Russell Goodway

Councillor Russell Goodway's Commitments for Cardiff 

Cllr Goodway's list of 'We will' commitments for Cardiff include:

  • Deliver a new transport interchange which will be at the heart of the Cardiff Metro.
  • To prioritise the delivery of a new multi-purpose indoor arena in the best possible location.

Teams delivering services to support Cllr Goodway's commitments include:

Cleaning staff 


“We make sure your schools and offices are nice and clean every day”

Economic Development team 

Economic Development

“Working to create more opportunities for apprenticeships, work placements and jobs in the city”

Councillor Peter Bradbury

Councillor Peter Bradbury's Commitments for Cardiff 

Cllr Bradbury's list of 'We will' commitments for Cardiff include:

  • Attract more major events to the city, building on the success of the Champions League Final.
  • Promote and develop local sport.

Teams delivering services to support Cllr Bradbury's commitments include:

Park Ranger staff 

Park Ranger

“We’re the friendly face for the public to feel safe and secure and have an enjoyable experience in our parks”

Families First and Children's Play services staff 

Families First and Children’s Play Services

“Working to support sporting and play facilities, particularly in our city’s deprived communities”