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Cardiff Council

Rhiwbina Flood Defence Scheme

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What is the Rhiwbina Flood Defence Scheme?

The Rhiwbina Flood Defence Scheme is a project that will greatly improve local resilience to the type of flood events that have afflicted this popular area of Cardiff in recent years.

It is a key part of the Council’s vision to improve the quality of residents’ local environment and this scheme will deliver significant improvements to the Rhiwbina area.

Environmental impact assessment (land drainage improvement works) regulations 1999 improvement works relating to land in Rhiwbina in and adjacent to the three watercourses known as the Nant Briwnant, the Nant Cwmnofydd and the Rhydwaedlyd Brook.


Why do we need a flood defence scheme?

In 2009, homes in Rhiwbina were hit by floods after the streams running through the area burst their banks. In response to this significant event Cardiff Council is promoting a capital scheme to reduce the flood risk in Rhiwbina. More than 200 homes in Rhiwbina are set to benefit from this project to help protect them from flooding that has hit the area ten times in the last 20 years.  

Will this put an end to flooding in the area?

This is a flood defence scheme so although it will greatly reduce the risk of flooding, we can not guarantee that it will stop flooding altogether during extreme weather events. 


How is the Scheme funded?

The scheme is being funded by the European Regional Development Fund, Welsh Government and Cardiff Council.  

How can you provide feedback on the scheme?


029 2078 5270