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Phased plan to make Cardiff one of UK’s ‘safest’ cities launched

Welsh Government have announced that non-essential shops can open on Monday 22 June.

We’ve tried to make these new systems as simple and easy to use as possible, but I’d urge residents to visit our welcome points where they will get answers to any questions they might have. Initially we are looking at getting the basics in place, but we will quickly move to stage two of our plans which will see some new spaces opened up creatively to help local businesses.

These plans start to outline how life can resume and how Cardiff can prosper despite COVID-19.

We want to restart, recover and renew Wales’ capital and I’m determined our city will reopen in a way that is safe for everyone, in a way that does everything it can to safeguard thousands of jobs, and in a way which is both welcoming and confident about the future of Cardiff. 

We are working through the finer details of the next stages of our plans with businesses, residents, local Councillors and equality stakeholders.

I’m confident if we adopt the same ‘one-city’ approach that has seen the public sector, communities and businesses pull together throughout the pandemic, then we can truly make a reality of the common desire to ‘build back better’.

I’m especially excited about our proposals to open up Cardiff Castle’s grounds as a new ‘public’ square for local residents to use for free. The castle grounds are spectacular.

Castle Street and the Castle moat will then be repurposed to provide restaurants and cafes with covered areas to use, giving them a chance to make up for floor space and clients they would otherwise lose because of having to observe social distancing rules in their properties.

We are also working with a local technology firm who have developed an App that enables people to order food from our pop-up spaces and then have it delivered to enjoy on Castle Street in front of the magnificent backdrop of Cardiff Castle.

I’m also keen that we work with the music board to bring live music back to the city as soon as we can.

We will look at ways of using public space to create event zones where people can enjoy music and street entertainment in a safe and welcoming environment.