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Diwrnod Shwmae (Shwmae Day)

​​The aim of Shwmae day is to show that the Welsh language belongs to everyone – fluent speakers, learners, those who have lost confidence and those who only know a few words.

Shwmae is a South Wales way of saying ‘How do you do?’ or Su’mae for North Wales.

Shwmae day is an annual event to celebrate the Welsh language. There will be a display stand in County Hall reception, and many teams have organised their own events to celebrate the day.  
A number of Council departments have come together to create a short video which will be shown on the day.

Why not try starting a conversation with Shwmae? There are many ways to take part in Shwmae / Su’mae day and to encourage others to take part.

If you use TwitterExternal link opens in a new window or FacebookExternal link opens in a new window you can share photos and ideas to celebrate Shwmae / Su’mae day by using the hashtags #shwmaesumae. 

Follow Cardiff Council on Twitter and Facebook to see how we are celebrating Shwmae Day.​

There are plenty of resources and ideas on how to celebrate diwrnod shwmae on the Shwmae Day website.​​​​External link opens in a new window ​​