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An overview of the Budget Challenge 2017/18

20 things you need to know about City of Cardiff Council’s budget for 2017/18

  1. The City Council is facing a budget gap of £25m next year (2017/18) and a potential shortfall of £76m over the next three years.

  2. £200m in savings has already been found over the past ten years.

  3. We’ve lost 1,600 full time employees at the City Council as part of budget savings over the past five years up to 2016/17.

  4. The provisional settlement from Welsh Government is slightly more favourable than we budgeted for.  However, it is still a cut in real terms because of inflation.

  5. The City Council has an overall budget of £578m. However, much of this is protected from funding cuts. The amount we can make savings on is the much smaller sum of £219m.

  6. Despite the pressures we are committed to improving our schools and our pupils’ prospects. Recent improvements in exam results at GCSE and A-Level have shown we are on the right track.

  7. School budgets are not being cut, we are giving them an extra £7.2m & they will receive 100% of the money available for pupil number growth. But we are asking schools to manage budgets to find £1.9m to go towards things like pay increases.

  8. Our 21st Century Schools project with Welsh Government will see £164m more invested in our schools across the city, including brand new schools in the East and West of the city.

  9. Our plan is to increase Council Tax by 3.7% - 75p a week extra on a Band D house. 

  10. Council tax receipts currently make up only £150m of our £578m budget. A Council Tax increase of 3.7% will bring in £4.451m net. 

  11. Some early consultation on the 2017/18 budget took place in the summer’s Ask Cardiff Survey which 4,000 residents completed.

  12. 75% of those who took part told us we should increase commercial activities and look to carry out work for external clients to generate income.

  13. More than two thirds of respondents said they wanted us to invest in digitisation and online services to increase more opportunities for self service.

  14. More than half said they would support the City Council in charging more for services if they could be maintained or improved.

  15. The City Council is introducing new ways of working and is developing partnerships to help bridge the budget gap. Examples include opening hubs across the city, offering more services online and working with partners to deliver our leisure centre services.

  16. We are on the right track – successful examples of change include: 1,236,923 visits to libraries and hubs for the first 6 months of this year - up from 1,016,096. 

  17. 61.1% of parking permit applications and 75.9% of requests for caddies/extra bags are now made online and recycling targets set by Welsh Government have also been met, saving taxpayers’ money.

  18. We are bringing jobs to Cardiff – your City Council helped secure 4,803 new and safeguarded jobs in 2014/15 and in the first half of this financial year.

  19. The City Council kick-started the regeneration of Central Square and played a key role in securing the City Deal, but continued budget savings mean there are tough choices ahead and we need residents to understand this and to work with us

  20. Finally, despite the cuts and savings, your City Council was the third most-improved council in Wales this year, and reports from government watchdogs, the Care and Social Services Inspectorate Wales (CSSIW), Wales Audit Office and Estyn (Education) have highlighted the City Council’s improvement journey.